Turnkey tissue culture labs &
Multilayer growing solutions

Revolutionize the future by implementing the latest technology and innovations in your breeding and young plant production process. ViVi provides state of the art tissue culture laboratories and unique multilayer growing solutions. By reducing the risks associated with conventional cultivation methods we offer a reliable, local, and safe way to help you select and develop the best starting material and growing protocol.

How it works

ViVi offers a revolutionary method to grow young plants, whether you grow from seed, cuttings, or tissue culture. The key to our fully controlled, fully automated system is the ViTray; an innovative semi-closed packaging in which the plants are grown. The ViVi products are the greenhouses of the future: small, fully controlled, and automated.

ViVi is one of the cleanest production methods available. The plants are grown in a controlled growing chamber in multi-layer LED trolleys. The separated growing packaging precludes the spreading of diseases. Due to the design of the package, additional watering isn’t necessary during the growing process, which reduces risks of infection. In addition we aim to automate every step in the breeding and young plant production phase, reducing the need for labor-intensive handlings.

Complete lay-outs for Plant Factories

ViVi provides you with a turn-key solution for a complete laboratory for any starting material (tissue culture, seed or finished leafy crop. ViVi is your partner for smart multi-layer growing solutions.