About ViVi

The ViVi Method.

ViVi offers a revolutionary method to grow all kind of plants. Reliable, local and in a sustainable way by reducing the risks associated with growing plants in a conventional greenhouse. With the ViVi growing method, the future is here. A fully controlled, fully automated system in which all focus can go out to selecting the best starting material and growing protocol.

The ViVi growing method has captured most of its technology in the innovative semi-closed packaging in which the plants are grown: one tray sized. After the seeding and filling process, a special foil is used to seal the tray. The foil ensures a clean production method since water evaporation and gas exchange are regulated. The ViVi products are the greenhouses of the future: small, fully controlled greenhouses.

Fill it

Seal it

Wait for it

Harvest it

Plants in the packaging are grown in a multi layer system under LED lights in a conditioned growing chamber. Together they make a factory for plants. Due to the fully controlled environment and the sterile conditions, ViVi is one of the cleanest productions’ methods available. The separated growing packaging precludes the spreading of diseases. Due to the design of the packaging, additional watering is not necessary during the growing process which reduces risks tremendously. Due to the closed environment a minimum in water and fertilizer is required and no pest control is necessary.