Temporary Immersion Bioreactors

ViVi has developed a hybrid growing system together with SBW do Brasil in which we combine the ViVi method with the Temporary Immersion Bioreactor system. By combining these systems, a labor saving of 70% is achieved compared to traditional tissue culture. Temporary immersion bioreactors have proven to reduce the cost of production for banana, sugarcane, papaya, blueberries and other crops that benefit from micropropagation.

The plants from the bioreactors are rooted on sterile plugs and hardened in the greenhouse in the “Greenhouse in a box” system developed by ViVi. These rooting trays are sealed with a double layer of micro perforated film. By rooting and pre-hardening the plants from the bioreactors in the ViTrays, the loss in the greenhouse is minimal.


Please contact us for more information about the TIB system.