Breeding & Screening.

The ViVi method offers many advantages for the breeding and screening process. The ViTray helps you gain a perfect test result, since the tray is sealed from the top, guaranteeing optimal controlled conditions.

Also uniquely supplied by ViVi is the ‘Robot Seeder’. The Robot Seeder can pick and place difficult to handle individual seeds efficiently and quickly. One of its primary uses is for processing smaller batches of seed. The Robot Seeder can fill a complete tray while using seed from different batches.

Using the software of the Seeder, the placement of the seeds can be programmed, stored and printed on the tray. This makes it possible to achieve consistent continuous sowing with recorded tracking information.

The Seeder can place all tests in a tray after which the tray can be sealed and printed with the required information.

Somatic embryogenesis

Another highly specialized technique is available with ViVi: automation for somatic embryos. ViVi can provide trays for breeding and screening purposes. ViVi trays are used for the germination of somatic embryos due to the sterile environment. If you have more questions about somatic embryogenesis, please contact our sales team.