Case: CP

Consultancy on Hydroponic growing

CP is the biggest company in Thailand and covers a wide range of different business. CP decided to enter the vegetable business in 2016 and started to cooperate with Viscon Fresh produce. In 2017, a semi-automated deep water hydroponic system was built together with a fully controlled modern glass house.


Due to the lack of experience, the first production period was challenging. There were many questions puzzling the local CP team. ViVi brought in a team of young professionals, to help CP out and to start up their hydroponic production. The production greenhouse is located in the tropical area of Thailand, which means heat and humidity can all be very challenging. The other challenge was to produce these vegetables without any use of pesticides. The general public of Thailand is weary of the scandals of pesticides used on fresh vegetables. The public demands safe and fresh local produce.

 ViVi is a friend and partner to our

The solution:

With a team of young professionals, among which a dedicated expert in the greenhouse hydroponic production. The ViVi teams is able to give professional advice on the climate control, which guarantee a smooth production, even with such challenging weather conditions. ViVi also helped CP to set-up their own unique pest control systems without using a single drop of chemical pesticides. At this moment, their vegetables received very positive feedback from the market and CP is very happy with the current hydroponic set up. CP is currently considering to expand their vegetable business due the big success of the product.

Added Value:

After an intake by phone with the customer, ViVi sends an expert to Thailand on a monthly basis. The expert meets with the local team, looks into the issues the local team is facing and gives out detailed and thorough advice. With such visits, CP has the confidence to expand their new business and to experiment with new technologies and new vegetable varieties which are not common in the local Thai market.