Case: D&F

Turnkey TC factory

Located in the heart of the Chinese fruit production region in Shandong province, D&F is probably one of the most renowned soft fruit young plants producers in China at the moment. Their high quality seedling produced from tissue culture is celebrated in the market, and the demand is higher each year. D&F has now a 5000 m2 state of art production lab and can manage to produce over 20million plants per year.


D&F had no prior experiences with tissue culture production before this project. However, they had the ambition to become the biggest tissue culture soft fruit seedling producer in China. They reached out to many parties to seek for expertise and ViVi was the one company who could offer the whole package. From designing the lab to making the protocols, from staff training to the whole set of production automation solutions, from tracking & trace software to fully computer controlled climate chambers with LEDs, ViVi can fulfill all the challenges.

 The ViVi practical know-how has proven to
be valuable for us.

The solution:

The whole lab area was 100 % designed by the tissue culture experts from ViVi to guarantee the best work flow and the hygiene procedures required by this practice. The unique ViCabins are fully computer controlled, and can offer a stable and clean environment for the production. This was also one of the first commercial projects that used LEDs in the Chinese horti sector. From taking care of the media design to processing the plants, ViVi looked into every little detail to maximize the automation process in order to reduce labor.

Added Value:

A trained ViVi expert stayed at D&F’s location for a whole year by request, to make sure the full staff was well trained and could carry the extensive production volume in a relatively short time. The staff received a very in depth training and now they are able to make their own protocols independently.

ViVi is still developing together with D&F. The two companies share the same vision of high quality products and professionalism.