Tissue Culture Labs.

ViVi offers a wide range of products to build a complete cutting-edge tissue culture laboratory. We provide everything for a regular lab: growing chambers, automation, workers equipment, growing consumables and consultancy.

Micropropagation in plant tissue culture

We also provide everything for the unique ViVi method for great efficiency and added value in the final stage of the growing cycle. The ViVi method can create a new opportunity for your company. With this method you can supply your TC young plants, rooted and hardened to your customers.

The last step of the growing process is being transferred to the ViTray with sterile soil plugs, covered by our patented micro perforated foil. Since these plugs are sterile, the product can now grow roots in the growing chamber, and you can supply hardened plants. The ViTray is designed so that the transplanting of the plugs to a bigger cell can be automated.