Containerized tissue culture lab

The ViLab is a plug-and-play ‘containerized’ tissue culture laboratory, creating a low threshold entry into tissue culture production. It has all the benefits of a regular laboratory, combined in three 40ft shipping containers. The lab complies with all phytosanitary requirements thanks to the sterile laboratory conditions. It is equipped with areas for cutting plants, preparing media, and has a controlled environment multi-layer growing setup.

What we offer

  • Three 40ft containers
  • Kitchen area
  • Cutting area (shown above)
  • Climate controlled propagation area
  • Multi-layer LED trolleys (shown above)
  • Temporary immersion bioreactor system (shown above) (optional)
  • Consultancy & protocol development

What we offer

  • Automated media dispensing
  • Automated filling and seeding
  • Automted Sealing
  • Selecting, grading and transplanting

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